Our traditional hammocks come in a range of styles, colours and fabrics. These hammocks are traditionally from Central and South America and are those hammocks without spreader bars. They’re easy to set up, versatile and portable. They also pair well with most hammock stands or frames.

Traditional hammocks are the style of hammock that everyone thinks about in their mind’s eye when hearing the word “hammock”. They are typically suspended with multiple strings/ropes/cords on each side, without wooden spreader bars like resort-style hammocks. Traditional hammocks have been a notorious product of Central and South America, with a lot of modern hammocks being hand-made by local artisans from the likes of Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil and many more.

Traditional hammocks also come in a variety of materials. The most common being cotton, which also happens to be the most comfortable. Modern materials such as nylon and polyester have become more and more popular that, although not having the comfort of cotton, are more durable and tend to outlive cotton hammocks by quite some distance.

Traditional hammock are the most versatile and also the most convenient. They can be hung just about anywhere. On your porch, in you garden, inside or even between 2 cars. They’re also the most suitable for hammock stands and are most certainly the most portable as you can fold them up in your carry bag and take them on a hike, overseas trip or on a family camping weekend.