Taking care of your hammock stand

Hammock owners often put in a lot of effort into caring for their hammock, but what some don’t consider is care and maintenance of their hammock stand can be just as important. Here are some helpful tips to keep your hammock stand looking great and lasting a lifetime.


As tempting as it might be to leave your hammock stands out in the sun and rain, doing so will only affect its longevity. Wooden stands, although treated, will eventually start to crack if exposed to the elements over long periods. If your hammock and stand are used out by the pool or in the garden, try to limit its exposure by moving it undercover whenever possible.


Many might move their equipment to an indoor spot in winter where they can store it or set it up and enjoy their hammock stands from the comfort of the warm indoors. If you do decide to give your stand a break from the outdoors, keep these care tips in mind:

  • Store metal stands where it is cool and dry
  • Try storing wooden frames in a climate-controlled part of the house, this will extend its lifespan
  • Larger stands that cannot be stored indoors can be stored in a garage or outdoor location under a tarp that is tied securely to keep it in place

Scratch Repair

The powder-coating on our steel stands is tough and durable, but life in the backyard can be full of hazards. Kids on bikes or scooters, playful pets and even dad with the mower. If a scratch occurs, grab a can of rust paint or rust guard and a small paintbrush. Spray some paint onto a piece of cardboard, dab the brush in it and carefully fill the scratch with paint. Good as new.


Hammock-life and chill-time are not compatible with noisy squeaks. Prevent stand noises by tightening knobs, bolts and other assembly points. A drop of WD40 or household oil might help quiet metal.


Keep your hammock stand clean with mild detergent and warm water applied with a soft sponge and rinsed with a cool hose. Your hammock stand will love you.


Inspection is important. Hammock stands should be given an annual once-over to make sure that they are safe to use. Tighten anything that is loose, and repair metal scratches to prevent rust. 

These maintenance tips will ensure the stand’s durability and performance. Take care of your hammock’s stand, and it will keep taking care of you!

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