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Eco-Friendly Tree Straps (2 Pack)

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A very handy item for hanging your hammock permanently or when just wanting to quickly set up your hammock whilst camping. 2 Straps are enclosed. Each strap is 3 m long, which gives you a span of 6m.

Without having to drill holes into trees, these Eco-Friendly Hammock Tree Straps will have you relaxing safely in no time. The set up involves wrapping the straps around a tree and then inserting the S-hooks into the tear-drop end on your hammock. These straps come wrapped in a pack of two, and each strap is 10ft long; this means they will be able to wrap around any size tree and help position your hammock to the height that’s best for you. The straps are made of heavy-duty, weather resistant nylon, and the package comes with all the hardware required for any style of hammock. These Eco-Friendly Hammock Tree Straps are best used with Brazilian, Parachute, and Spreader-Bar Hammocks, as well as the Brazilian Hammock Chair.

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How to use

Choose a strong tree or a sturdy firm object. Holding the end with the loop, wrap the Hammock Tree Strap around the pole/tree, slide the ring end through the loop and pull firmly until the strap is ti