Above, you’ll find range of hammock stands, hammock chair stands as well as combos (stand & hammock/chair). Investing in a hammock stand or hammock chair stand can make hammock-life pretty awesome. Most hammock stands are quite light and portable meaning your relaxation need not be confined to one spot. Our hammock frames are made from either quality, sturdy steel or durable, quality wood. Combos (hammock stand & hammock) are a great way to save money and make a fantastic gift.

More about free standing hammock stands and hammock frames

At Hammock Shop, we have a range of free standing hammock frames or hammock stands to choose from. We also sell combos of hammocks with stands, which provide a discount on both your hammock and stand. We have both steel and wooden hammock stands available for your traditional hammocks as well as free standing steel frames for hammock chairs.

The great thing about investing in a free standing hammock stand is its portability and versatility. They allow you to vary your surroundings when enjoying your hammock time. In the garden, on the patio, inside, or even packed up and taken away on holiday with you, free standing hammock frames offer you a lot of options. The steel frame hammock stands are easy to pack up quickly and compactly, adding to their convenience and portability.

Traditional hammocks, in other words those without the wooden spreader bars, are suited to just about all hammock stands and frames, with most sizes fitting the hammock frames comfortably. With the hammock frames being adjustable, you should be able to accommodate single-size up to family-size with little problem.

Resort hammocks, those with wooden spreader bars, can be used on hammock stands and frames however they are not recommended for use on the steel hammock frames. One reason for this is that with the sag, the wooden spreader bars tend to scrape on the steel hammock frame. Another reason is that when the strings are pulled too tightly towards the hammock frame U, it can cause instability in the hammock.

All of our free standing hammock stands are good quality, heavy duty and long lasting. They make great gifts and are an extremely popular item of furniture for outdoor entertainment areas. Most of hammock stands and combos are sourced from Vivere, one of the world’s leading hammock suppliers. We guarantee that Hammock Shop can beat anyone in the market on price for freestanding hammock stand and frames.