Maybe you’ve seen one at your friend’s house, while backpacking or camping, or maybe at the last resort or hotel you visited. No matter where you are, there’s usually a hammock near by.

So how did this somewhat simple product become so internationally renowned and loved by all who lie in one? To answer this question, here’s a look at a few reasons for the uptick in hammock popularity over the years, including some of the many uses for hammocks and hammock chairs.



Hammocks are more popular today than they were five, ten, and especially a century ago.

Hammock sales have more than doubled, world-wide over the past five years. Companies have seen in excesses of a 140% increase in hammock sales in recent years with the global hammock market expected to keep growing.

There are many factors driving this increase in hammock popularity and making for an explosion in hammock brands, but there are three major factors that are no doubt responsible for driving up hammock sales globally:

  1. More people getting out of the house and enjoying outdoor recreational activities;
  2. Cool, innovative ideas for hammock materials, designs, and uses; and,
  3. More campers and outdoor enthusiasts choosing to bring hammocks along on their outdoor adventures.


In history, hammocks were used as beds to keep people off the ground and safe from dangerous creatures at night.

In more recent times, hammocks have become popular among students and retirees who appreciated the calm and relaxation that an outdoors hammock provides. They’ve passed on their love of hammocks to their kids, who are now the largest hammock-buying generation ever, sharing an appreciation for the great outdoors.



These days, you don’t have to be an outdoors survivalist or tradie to set up a hammock. With so many easy-to-use accessories (such as tree straps), hammocks are now more simple than ever to set up and use.

Many hammocks have lightweight, portable fabrics with improved compact designs. They are easier to pack-up and carry, taking up very little space and often weighing less than 1 kg.

Hammocks are also easier to set up when compared with a tent. Instead of looking for the perfect, flat spot to pitch your tent, all you need to find is two trees that are well spaced.

And if you’re hanging your hammock at home, and you don’t have two trees or posts to hang it from,now you have the option of an easy-to-assemble, durable hammock stand.


Hammocks are the type of product that consumers can share with their friends and family and turn into an experience. “Hammocking” is a way to hang out with friends in the backyard or at the campsite and it’s an inexpensive way to enjoy many afternoons.


Hammocks these days are designed for everyone, not just the rugged outdoorsman. While you can still enjoy camping hammocks, there are so many types and uses for hammocks these days.

Some of the best hammocks available today are multipurpose hammocks because they offer a place to relax, both outdoors and indoors. And with living spaces becoming increasingly smaller in size, hammocks provide an excellent, affordable alternative to furniture that helps to save space and money.


Outdoor activities are more popular than ever before with people making more of an effort to get outside. An increase in stressful, fast-paced lifestyles and an uptick in health consciousness has led to an appreciation for nature, mindfulness, and wellbeing. And growing health-consciousness has driven more people to take up outdoor activities for fun physical exercise.

Health-conscious, nature lovers who want to disconnect and take a break, have helped to spark this trend toward leisure activities, outdoor sports, and hammock-life, often in the form of hiking and camping with a hammock.

People are taking more time to de-stress, recharge, and take care of their mental health along with their physical health. And nothing beats the chill of hanging in a hammock outdoors on a beautiful day to give your mind a break and relax.


With a rise in the global average of disposable income, consumers are more likely to treat themselves to the luxury of relaxing in a hammock. Homes have become furnished with hammocks, not just as a practical piece of furnishing but also as a stylish decoration.


Here are some of the many uses of hammocks that make them so popular these days.


Hammocks are a great place to rest and relax after a long day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Yes, a hammock is a great place to sleep? Using a hammock as a bed is another growing trend thanks to these benefits of sleeping in a hammock:

  • Better, deeper sleep and the ability to fall asleep faster due to the rocking motion of a hammock.
  • This results in increased concentration during the day, thanks to a better night’s sleep.
  • Alleviate back pain by relieving pressure points.
  • Comfortable reading and increased learning.
  • More affordable than a bed.


Getting outside, especially out into nature, is one of the best ways to clear your thoughts. And relaxing in a hammock outdoors is the ultimate way to calm the mind and take care of your mental health, especially during times of increased stress.


Camping hammocks are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, made from quick-drying material. The portability of camping hammocks makes it easy for campers to pack light, go hiking, set up camp, and enjoy everything that mother nature has to offer.

Hammock camping has become a popular alternative to camping in tents. Thanks to accessories, like mosquito nets and tarps, you can still have shelter from the bugs and elements whilst enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep under the trees and stars.

Outdoor festival-goers have also taken up hammock camping as a fun way to stay comfortable and not worry about overheating in their tents. Friends often create a web of hammocks in the shade of trees and close enough to the action to still enjoy the music while lounging in their hammocks.


The rocking motion of hammocks can help soothe children with autism, as can the pressure of cocooning while lying in a hammock.


With so many colours and design options available, people are bringing their hammocks and hammock chairs indoors as a seating option, livening up their interior décor.


There are so many types of hammocks to choose from, ones available for almost every person, preference, and use.

Here are the most popular types of hammock products available today:

  • Hammock Chairs—Hammock chairs are a popular option for those who want a comfortable alternative to a chair and enjoy the relaxing, swinging action—e.g., for small children and those with limited mobility.
  • Hammocks with Stands – Put your hammock anywhere. Next to the pool, on the patio, in your bedroom. Hammock stands offer even more versatility and portability.
  • Spread Bar Hammocks or Resort Hammocks—Spreader-bar hammocks have wooden rods at each end, which help keep the hammock flat, allowing for multiple users. Spreader-bars also help poolside hammocks dry faster.
  • Traditional Hammocks -Your more traditional hammocks, without spreader bars are the most common and popular. They are more portable and easy to bring with you while camping.

Hammocks are made all over the world these days, but some areas have a long history of hammocks and are renowned for their hand-made hammocks. Some if these include.

  • Mayan Hammocks
  • Brazilian Hammocks
  • Nicaraguan Hammocks
  • Columbian Hammocks
  • Camping Hammocks

Hammocks are also made from a variety of materials that include (but is not limited to) :

  • Cotton Hammocks
  • Nylon Hammocks
  • Polyester Hammocks
  • Rope Hammocks

With so many types of hammocks to choose from these days, it’s no wonder hammocks have become so popular.

If you haven’t had the luxury to enjoy your free time on a hammock yet, it’s never too late to elevate your recreational experience with hammock or hammock chair. Your mind, body, and friends will thank you.

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