Looking for a hammock chair or hammock swing? The Hammock Shop stocks a wide range of different hammock chairs and swing chairs. Most are hand-made by artisans from countries including Mexico, Nicaragua and Brazil. Hammock chairs offer a unique relaxing experience and can be hung from the ceiling, beams, trees or from one of our hammock chair stands. Have fun browsing our range of hammock chairs and hammock swings above.

The case for Hammock Chairs and Hammock Swings

Hammock chairs and hammock swings give you the same comfortable feel as a traditional or resort hammock but in a more upright, seated design. The hammock chair is designed to be used in a sitting-up position, rather than a lying-down one, however larger hammock chairs can offer a more reclined seated position over others. While both have their advantages, lets look at the advantages that a hammock chair can offer you.

1. No space for hammock?

No problem. Hammock chairs are ideal for front porches, small patios, decks, indoor nooks, bedrooms and for hanging from that small shade tree in the garden. Even when used in conjunction with a hammock chair stand, they have a small footprint and don’t take up a lot of room.

2. Mobility

You can secure a hook for hanging a hammock chair in more than one spot around the house and simply move it to wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Combining it with a hammock chair stand can offer an even easier solution. Both are generally lightweight and can be moved with the greatest of ease.

3. Your Health

Therapists and patients are using hammocks chairs and swing chairs due to the health benefits involved. Hammock chairs and swing chairs might just be the thing you need to relieve that pain in your lower back or neck. The hammock chair adjusts and moulds with the weight of your body, providing support to the body and removing pressure points.

4. Easy installation

No contractors are needed. You can do this! A tree limb, porch beam or chair stand is all you need for outdoor installation.

5. They’re a versatile gift

Most people don’t have a hammock chair or hammock swing. Most don’t truly realise the benefits that they can offer and the relaxation that they can bring – get them one.

Hammock chairs and hammock swings can be a great addition to your home, garden or even campsite. They’re versatile and convenient, not to mention, stylish and practical. Go on, give one a try.