Hammock Care

Tips For Taking Care Of And Using Your Hammock

If you take care of your hammock, it will last for many years. When you are on the hammock or entering the hammock, be careful with buttons, earrings, rings and watches, etc. as they could snag on your hammock and break a thread when pulled. If this happens, grab the broken ends, reweave and re-tie them. Authentic, Mexican Hammocks can be fixed professionally in Mexico by a very high skilled hammock weaver, however the cost of sending the hammock to Mexico and sending it back to Australia it is too high.

When storing your hammock, fold the hammock neatly and wrap the hammock with a rope or string. Never put your hammock away damp. Always transport your hammock in a bag or pillow slip to avoid snagging.

When you wash your hammock, you want to avoid tangling so tie the two end loops together with a string. Swish it around in a bucket with warm water and mild washing powder. It is important not to use bleach. Leave it there for about two hours, then hand wash and rinse in clean water and hang. Always make sure your hammock is completely dry before storing.

If you plan to hang your hammock outside in a very sunny location, we recommend that you take the hammock inside after each use. This way the hammock will last for many years. Nylon and Outdoor Cotton Hammocks are perfect to hang in undercover outdoor areas. However please take into account that if the hammocks are exposed to too much direct sunlight, the sun will deteriorate the materials and fade the colours. If you plan to leave your hammock outdoors all the time we recommend you to use a hammock protector.

If you live by the sea, rinse your hammock regularly to minimise the effect of damage from sea salt.

If your hammock is tangled it will not be comfortbale. To untangle your hammock just pass attaching loops back through the end strings.

Entering a traditional hammock 

  • Open the hammock from the edge
  • Grab the edge of the other side of the hammock behind you and pull it over your head
  • Sit in the middle of the hammock
  • Lie back in until you are comfortable, now the hammock is perfectly shaped to your body. If you buy a King or Family sized Hammock, try to use it diagonally as this is the most comfortable position to relax in.

Children love hammocks, but there are some simple rules you need to teach them to have fun in a hammock, safely. Do not leave children unattended in hammocks. Hammocks can be unstable so be careful upon entering and exiting your hammock as injury may result. Teach your kids to get into the hammock and to get out of the hammock, teach them a simple rule: Bottom first, never foot first.  We recommend hanging your hammock lower when you have young kids as it is easier for them to get in and out of the hammock. Children can become entangled in hammock strings.