Buying Guide

Choosing The Right Material

Cotton Hammocks are the softest and most comfortable type of hammocks. They stretch and mould to your body. The colours are subtle and naturally beautiful. Although delicate, the cotton Hammocks will give years of comfortable wear if properly cared for. If left out in the weather, colours will begin to fade and material will show signs of deterioration. We recommend to hang this type of hammock undercover or if they are hung in an open area, just unhook them when they are not in use, this is easy to do with tree straps.

Outdoor Cotton Hammocks are built for heavy use and are more resistant than the traditional cotton string. They are hand made from a cotton string that is 3 to 4 times thicker than traditional cotton string. They offer great comfort with a more rugged look and feel. Great for kids to play on and ideal to hang undercover or close to the edge of an undercover area. If they are hung in an open area, just unhook them when they are not in use, this is easy to do with tree straps. If they are hung close to the edge of an undercover area, we recommend you to use a hammock protector.

Nylon Hammocks are an excellent option to hang outdoors in weather protected areas. However, if you are planning on leaving your Nylon hammock outside when it is not in use, we recommend you to use a hammock protector to extend the life of your Nylon hammock, protecting it from the sun, rain and wind. Nylon Hammocks are a more affordable alternative to our Super Nylon hammocks.

Super Nylon Hammocks are some of the most durable hammocks ever made. If you are after a hammock that you can leave outdoors near your swimming pool, between 2 trees in your garden or beside the beach, without the need for unhooking, then this is what you’re after. The Super Nylon hammocks are made to last a life time outdoors, they are fully weather resistant against mildew and rot and they come with a full Guarantee. They are all hand woven with the strongest UV Resistant Nylon string.

Choosing The Right Size

The Single Size is a great hammock for one person. A compact, lightweight model that is also suitable for camping and hiking. This is a great hammock to buy as an introduction to the style of hammock. Once you feel the ultimate comfort that these cotton hammocks offer, you may find you want to move up to a larger size.

The Queen Size is a good size for one person to rest lengthwise or it could be used by one adult and a child. The woven bed expands as wide as 1.40 – 1.50 metres, weighs around 1KG and is compact enough to take along on a camping trip or picnic. The weave will open up more than in the larger sizes but will still remain very comfortable.

The King Size provides all the support you need for one to three people. If you plan to share your hammock space frequently with a friend or loved-one, we recommend the King size. The weave is very dense and will remain almost solid when you lay in the hammock. If you are looking for the best overall value in comfort and size, then the King size is the way to go.

The Family Size is our largest size and is as good as it gets in the world of hammocks. IT can hold from one person all the way up to a small family without losing comfort. The weave is so tight that the hammock will feel like a solid piece of cloth and can also provide a little extra weave when needed to throw over your legs or wrap yourself up like a cocoon on a breezy day. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your hammock or are replacing your bed, hen we recommend the Family size. Also if you are a tall or heavy person we recommend you this size for hours of relaxation.